Field of Diana

Last night I had performance dreams ... first the orchestra is preparing to perform in the basement of some hotel. A lady takes us upstairs and we find ourselves in a huge shopping mall lobby, but the shops are all closed. She says, "This is the Field of Diana." She takes me up and down twin corridors looking for what is supposedly a well known gay bar, but it is closed. Then in the front of the mall, there is a coffee shop or bar and it too is closed, but the lights start to come on. They are opening specially for us. 

Then I dream that I've been invited to play a cameo at the Met. In it, I am hidden under the front floorboards of the proscenium, which can be opened up like a lid. I emerge magically to present something to the leading lady. 

When the opera ends, they open up the floorboards and I discover I'm missing a golden shoe, and maybe another golden object, perhaps an apple. A boy in a toga peers curiously as I try to retrieve them. I think to myself — this boy has no armpit hair. He scurries off. I think he's one of the three boys from "The Magic Flute." Suddenly I realize that the floorboards are crammed with irretrievable golden shoes and apples from all the people who were asked to do this cameo.

I climb out of the narrow gap and walk into the theatre itself thinking, "What joy! I've performed at the Met!"