The Shaman Who Fixed Dreams

Many dreams last night which I only remember snatches. The last one was about A girl who I meet in her store. She is a shaman who fixes peoples dreams. She tells me that she must fix the princesses dreams because the princess is not dreaming right. She tells me that where she comes from dreams are just as real as the real world. We are in the shop. The shop is bisected with shelving full of brightly colored objects that I cannot identify. Another dream I had tonight was about a huge music competition. There's a boy who switches sides and becomes my spy, doing so by entering the competition venue, making an abrupt left turn after declaring his allegiance to the opposing side, and dotting down a hidden tunnel to where my musicians are. He says he can go back-and-forth and tell me everything about the other people.

I wish I could remember more. There were other dreams too.