A New Continent

A peculiar dream: a new continent has been discovered. Oddly enough, it is the fifth continent even though in the back of my mind I know that traditionally there are seven..

In the dream, it has become fashionable to eat meals that have a combination of food from different continents. I am sitting at a counter and on a big screen is projected pictures of food from the five continents. I appear to be with one of my aunts.

There are two choices of food from the fifth continent. One of them is called a "children's portion of sashimi." It consists of a single scallop. It is delicious.

The second is a living shelfish shaped like a fluttering green butterfly lying on a long, mussel-like shell. It is tiny. I pick it up by one wing (wing shape, texture like a mollusc) and it quivers. neon-green. I share the creature with my aunt, who eats one wing while I eat the other. 

I wake up.