Connecting the Coils

Last night's dream...

I am sitting on a narrow bed with one of my sisters, watching the second season of a new TV show. It's a show about some kind of courtroom drama and a pudgy-faced man caught in some kind of sex scandal.

"I never saw thhe first season" I say "but if this is any good I'll go back and watch it."

On TV the judge is saying "The question is, did you connect the coils?" I see an image of a makeshift phone system with tin cans and a long plastic string stretching across a lawn "If you connected the coils, you are guilty." The camera moves in to show the man in the dock sweating.

It's a pretty good show, I decide, and I realize I have just finished a cigarette. I stub it out on the wall behind the bed and the butt falls behind the bed and underneath, and I realize it is not yet out.

Before that, I had a very mysterious dream which I don;t remember well, but it involved picking up frozen snakes from the side of a pond and walking across a street littered with octopus corpses towards a circus tent. I wish I could remember more of THAT dream because it was more colorful and also quite scary.