All I can remember about last night's extremely elaborate dream is a Japanese woman telling me I have permission to use a hidden cathedral to perform a concert of sacred music with our choir.

The curious thing is, I do not know this woman. But there was another unknown Japanese woman in a different dream a few days ago who had redesigned my house.

This is not the same Japanese woman, because this one has sort of a round face and is chubbier.

However, as soon as I set foot in the hidden Cathedral which had to be reached through the vestibule of a more public church, I immediately recognized the Cathedral. It was a circular stone building in which there were many levels encircling the center like the levels of an opera house. The reason I knew this cathedral was that it has been in a different dream of mine along time ago. If I can look up that old dream, I can connect the meaning. 

For some reason, the Japanese seem to be playing a big role. I don't know why. Anyway, although I know the dream was elaborate and complex, the scene is all I remember.