Flinging the Dog

I had another dream about a cat and a dog, suggesting that someone is trying to tell me something. This dream started with a bunch of us looking a board on which were pasted some recent reviews of my work. One person said, Oh you must sent this one to this journalist guy and I said, Why him? I was shocked and woke up from this dream only, once more, I was still dreaming. 

In that layer of the dream, I was in my bedroom and went outside into the corridor which leads to my home office and a landing. In the corner of the landing, I saw that my dog Gustav had peed on Sun's violin case. Only it wasn't a hard black case, but a soft, blue one.

I saw Gustav scampering down the stairs and I angrily reached out with my hand - my arm got longer and longer and got all the way down the stairs where I pulled Gustav back up by his tail, but retracting my arm back into my body. But, as I caught Gustav in my arms, there was a strange cat tangled up with him. The cat was white and golden-colored and strangely calm (Gustav was looking very guilty because he had just peed). The cat was huge ... the cat turned and SMILED at me.

I woke up. I had only been asleep for a couple of hours, so I went back to sleep. Yet when I woke again, 5 hours later, the above is all still vivid, though there is much more of an earlier part of the dream that I have forgotten.