My Secret New House

My dream:

A tall, beautiful Japanese woman who is a friend of Miho Fukutame has been the new interior designer of my house. There is a big reception going on to celebrate this design. The reception takes place in a large living room with wooden stairs that go up to an interior veranda, and on the left there is an entrance to my secret headquarters, a library, bedroom and a toilet accessible through a French window.

Me dream starts in medias res with the Japanese lady explaining the new color scheme and its meaning. Miho is watching. There are some very meaningful potted plants, but on waking I forgot their meaning.

I go out of the secret area and mingle with the guests for a while, then I slip back inside to use the toilet, but while I do so one of the guests, a tall German who appears to be some kind of ambassador or diplomat (but it's not my friend the German ambassador because this guy is bald) accidentally walks into the private area and sees be through the French window. In alarm, he leaves.

I continue in the toilet for a while, then I get up and go back to the guests. I can see, on the balcony, back through to my private space and I wonder why there door is glass. Through it I see the shelves of an enormous library with green and orange books. There are so many guests, the party is becoming cramped.

As I feared, my guests open the glass door and flood into the private area. I run ahead hoping to stave them off. I haven'd had time to fix it all up, I think.... but, as I enter, I see that an empty, sunken space has now been lined with an elegant, purple sofa with a zig-zag shape, a modular sofa thrown together to fit the sunken space. 3 or 4 steps lead down and the guests enter the new area, oohing and aahing about the design of the room. I realize that my staff have, in the last few moments, redecorate the private area with old furniture that had been hidden or discarded and it fits the new space and looks completely new ... as Miho's friend explains to the guests the color scheme, I turn a corner deeper into my private space and see more furniture I thought was lost, including a white sofa I had thrown away long ago, and now it's mix-and-matched with other old furniture and looks like a new design completely.

Thank god, I'm thinking, I've fooled all the guests into thinking this is all part of the new redesign....

Then I wake up.