Secrets of the Universe

My amazingly vivid dream. I was working as an apprentice to a mad scientist who was collecting all the most powerful secrets of the universe and hiding them, disguised as ancient artefacts, in an antique store, a very ordinary looking store in a strip of shops along a boring city street.

The time has come to gather all the secrets and use them to build the machine that will hold the ultimate truth. I go to the shop and realize that the interior is on fire. The fire is burning brightly but nothing is charred. Next door, there is a Chinese restaurant where everyone is eating and laughing, but I notice that they are frozen. My boss has slowed down time.

In the split second that has stretched and stretched, a long line of purple robots march into the antique store and each one carries out one of the ancient secrets. They move, slowly, majestically, in a long line down the street. The leader stops and each one walks into him and the robors connect one by one to form a massive, purple tank like vehicle. 

Then the vehicle moves off and we follow in what appears to be an old jalopy but is actually a high-tech device, also in disguise.

Suddenly, we are being followed by another high tech device disguised as a jalopy. She is chasing us down the highway as we follow the huge purple robot tank. The driver is a determined woman. She's wearing like a gendarme cap. 

She fires various projectiles at us and finally there is a magnetic disk attached to a chain. It flies over and strikes our car, reeling us in.... we are stranded on the side of the road and I wake up....