Wheelchair Class

I also had a dream the previous night, which I only remembered because I told Stacey Tappan over lunch.

I this dream, I'm confined to a wheelchair but I've been invited to a special display of a handicapped business section of a plane. We're in the air and the cabin has no seats, just railings and windows, and I'm able to fly around on my automatic wheelchair from corner to corner. I'm whizzing about on the wheelchair and the stewards and stewardesses are standing around beaming and applauding. They tell me how much work has been done to accommodate wheelchair customers in business.

I say, "But what about economy?"

And I look past the crowd of stewards and stewardesses to what looks like a dark and crownded cabin with rows of cramped seats.

The chief steward says to me, in an arrogant tone, "Oh, THOSE people don't have the same objectives when they travel."

Then I woke up.