Release the Tapes!

I dreamed that I was invited to what I thought was a writers conference. I was thrown into a room and tortured to reveal what they characterized as fascist secrets. I noticed a video camera. But thought nothing of it at first. 

It was a very painful session and I screamed and said many things that I wished I had not.

Afterwards, the rest of the conference was kind of fun. It was a free exchange of ideas. But towards the end the newsletter was shown to me. In this newsletter that was an ad, with a little box you could check to order tapes of my being tortured.

I completely lost my cool and said that they didn't have permission to publish the tapes. I was screaming at them. They said, "but all the other writers have agreed." I said, "this is a moral issue. I have to refuse." I was screaming my head off when I woke up.