The Bus Home

I can hardly remember any of this dream except the last scene, which is that I am with a large crowd of people waiting to "go home", standing in a kind of big concrete plaza. A bus comes up and everyone piles in, but I and my sister are unable to get on before it leaves. We wait in the empty square for another bus.

When the second bus comes, we get in the side near the back of the bus (left hand side) and I immediately see two (or more) terribly wounded soldiers lying on the back seats, deeply scarred and with awful wounds, their flesh looking like it's been in a grinder, ill fitting bandages, greenish-khakhi-ish uniforms.

We sit down in the first available seats which are black leather, foldable seats and they are really dilapidated and worn.

The bus leaves and we are jerked about because the square is full of deep potholes. There is an announcer voice, as if this were a tourist bus: "We are passing through the site of the Iraq war, the bloodiest in our country's history...."

Then I wake up.

That dream was preceded by an incredibly long and convoluted narrative which is all gone from my mind; only the final scene remains.