Been sick as a dog for days. Weird dreams though. Last night a vivid dream about an extremely young Kento Shiba. In the dream he looks about 8 years old. We are at some kind of orchestra camp and he’s having trouble eating the food. 

I explain to him, “it’s just a bear’s tongue with fresh ants. I don’t understand why you’re having such a problem.

His mother says to me, “he’s not used to eating live ants“

Later I dream that we are in a huge beach resort and we’re trying to enlist a local music school to join the opera company.

School is a long building on one side of an alley, right side. First there’s a music division. The doors all glass and we can see inside a boy playing Chopin on a white piano. However there is no way in.

Remove further up the street. A young teacher with long black hair beckons to us but we still cannot get in. Finally we reach a large hall a very sophisticated modern dance class. Now the doors open up. The Downs students are in some kind of fluorescent clothing. I tell the teacher who we are. I explain that we are coming to cooperate with them.

“That’s great,” he says. “But where could we perform?”

I say, “the cultural center” and he says but how can we get it? I say trust me.

The dance school opens up into a shopping mall.