Being the Dream

A nightmare of sorts.... at least I thought it was but maybe just an ordinary dream.…

I dream I am going to bed and as I draw the covers aside to get it there is a woman lying to my left. The woman has long black hair and she is young and I realize that she is dreaming.

I entire the woman's dream and the woman is dreaming that she is on the bed with me (in other words, I am something in her dream and not the reverse.) And the woman is thinking, I am about to have a nightmare. I am going to dream that a corpse or monster will lift the sheets and horrifically glide under them to do terrifying things to me.

But when I look up at the foot of the bed it is not a monster. It is an aged crone, and she holds a huge staff which she has slid beneath the covers, And she appears to be stirring something. My bed is a cauldron and the sleeping woman is a magic potion.

I don’t know if I am HAVING a dream, or IN the dream, or OBSERVING the dream, or whether I am myself the dream.