Horse Hotel

Dreamed we got lost in a vast and wild alien landscape, I and several friends including Christian Ham. I can't describe how alien except that it was truly psychedelic: bright shifting primary colours, "purple rain", vistas of shifting color and everything contrary to the expected colors of our world. 

Anyway we are lost and wandering. No sign of human (or alien) habitation except a strange dread that the world is deserted, that its inhabitants have long abandoned it. A roaring, whistling wind blows the very landscape hither and thither.

We are lost and hungry. Way in the distance a tall, square building — looks a bit like the UN building in NYC except it is brilliant red and orange and glowing — and someone says, it's a hotel, we can get refreshments there. Our journey leads us out of nature into a passageway with turquoise doors. Through an opening we can still see the distant hotel. We send out an exploring party and eventually they come back. It's not a hotel for people, but for horses, they say.

I turn to Christian and say "c'est un hôtel des chevaux." We all decide to remain in this passageway and to the left we suddenly see a kind of bar or saloon with glass exterior walls we can look inside, and red velvet drapes, sort of "New Orleans Whorehouse" decor. But there are no people. There's activity; something is happening, we sense it, but people are invisble (though drinks are being served."

We turn to the turquoise doors which are behind us, and turn back down the corridor the way we came. There are about four doors, in a bend in the passage. They're hotel rooms.

We open one. The walls, everything is pale blue-green. The sheets on the bed are unmade. There is half eaten food on the table. Room service. Half drunk wine bottle. How can we rest here? How do we know they are not coming back?

There was a lot more to this dream at the beginning, but I don't recollect the huge adventure that brought us to the alien landscape....