Dirty Linen in Public

Last night I dreamed I was in Em Quartier's gourmet market trying to buy laundry detergent. I was carrying dirty clothes in a laundry bag. I came across a plastic bottle of TIDE.

I said to Mikey, "Funny, this is powder, but it's a liquid detergent container." I decided to try to use it. I touched the bottle and it miraculously split into two. Enough for two loads. Like magic, a pale green washing machine appeared behind me in the back of the grocery store. "Let's try it out," I said. I emptied the sack of laundry into the machine, realizing there was no dryer and I would have to hang the clothes in the supermarket.

So that was my dream - no flying, no magical creatures - the very mundanity of the dream was in a sense fantastical....