Birth Canal

I had a strange and beautiful dream. I was in a vast gleaming underground complex, a museum of humanity's great ideas. There were all sorts of passageways and tunnels, neon lights, glass, metal, light everywhere, and all the great philosophies and scientific discoveries on exhibit. All the passageways led to a central junction and in this junction was a tiny passage only big enough for one person to squeeze through.

This passage was marked with a bright neon sign: "the birth canal of ideas."

I manage to get myself through. This is an ever-expanding spiral, like the cross section of a conch. There are exhibits on either side of this spiralling pathway. There's a lot of light. I realize that in between the exhibits of great human inventions and ideas, there are shoe shops. 

More and more shoe shops, with more and more different kinds of shoes, as I negotiate myself through the spiral....