Surf and Turf

I had a dream two days ago that I thought I would forget and so didn't bother to write down, but it bothers me....

It's about sitting at an outdoor dinner on a bench (redwood) with redwook plank table, very California-ish. But as I am eating, I notice something weird. On the inside of my trouser leg — against the left calf I think, there's a strange itch. I look at my leg at it looks like a shrimp has escaped the barbecue and it's running around, nipping at my leg with little claws. I shake it off me. 

Later - no dream - I wake up for real, screaming from a godawful leg cramp. I have to pee. I stand up with great difficulty and stagger to the bathroom. I go back to sleep.

In my next dream I'm sitting at the same table. A plastic bag of shrimp is attached to my calf. I can feel them walking around, but they're in plastic. But the bag breaks. The shrimp are walking around on my skin. It's a hideously creepy crawly feeling as I wake again.

Maybe a metaphor for my life right now.