Savoy Buffet

My dream. 

I wake up early (in the dream). I am in a bungalow outside a rather Victorian family home, I'm staying with Mikey. In the dream I say to myself, I'm waking up early because I have to go and see "Star Wars" this morning. But I need to write a few speeches first.

I walk over to the main house and my mother is there. "Have a little breakfast before you leave," she says. There is a stuffed armchair to my left and on it, there are seven things that in my dream are called "khau mau" - but they're not, they are actually "khau nieu tod" - fried sticky rice. Each of them is stuffed with a different kind of fish, and seven more are stuffed with different fruits.

I take a bite of one which has a sort of plummy taste, and I see my dad sitting at the table. My mother says, "Don't eat too much, because we're having the breakfast buffet at the Savoy hotel." She points out that the buffet costs $2,500, so it is a big deal. I feel very pleased that she's willing to shell out $2,500 for breakfast for Mikey as well as her immediate family.

Then I wake up. And here I am, getting ready to go and see the morning showing of "Star Wars." I guess it officially comes out tomorrow, but here in Thailand it seems to be a day early and I'm getting up at the crack for it. I won't publish any spoilers.