A Mundane Dream....

This is the first dream I have had in a long while. It's quite vivid.

I'm with Mikey and we are in Pattaya. We arrive in front of a huge multi-stories exhibition or mall, similar to the one in Pattaya that has Ripley's and Madame Tussaud's, but but bigger and more eclectic. At the entrance foyer there are steps and a woman meets me. It seems that she knows me, though I don't know her. She calls me "Ajarn" (though most of the dream is in English.

She offers to give me a tour. I follow her. We pass through a parlour where there are some tables and condiments for hamburgers like jars of pickle relish (which I am allergic to). But there is something very comforting about the place. We cross a courtyard and I realize there are signs for Roy Rogers, where I haven't eaten for 25 years since living on the East Coast ... comfort food.

We go up and make a turn and I turn to look for Mikey but he has vanished. I'm worried about him for the remainder of the tour but eventually we reach the top floor which has a wide open space with a concrete floor. "You know," I say to my guide, "We should bring the Sinfonietta here." 

She has never heard of the Sinfonietta which in my dream is mildly annoying, but soon I start to describe the orchestra in glowing terms. She seems quite taken with the idea. This open space on the top floor seems ideal, though we have a long discussion of the possible audience in Pattaya for classical music.

When we are through we come back down to the same foyer and I get a call from Mikey. His voice is very faint, at first I don't recognize it. He says he's at the restaurant. I tell him the place has a lot of restaurants on all corners and I can't tell which one it is. I tell him to come and meet me at Roy Rogers. His voice is garbled and the phone hangs up.

*** all in all, a very mundane dream compared to ones I had before. ***