I've gone back to dreaming every morning since I had to calm down and actually get a decent night's sleep.

This morning, I dreamt that my feet were scarred, raw and bleeding from a strange disease, perhaps leprosy. Someone brought be a wooden bowl that contained a small round flat metal tin. 

"It's sulfadiazine", said a woman's voice. "You're lucky to be living in a time when the drug exists. Now you can cure it." 

I opened the tin fully expecting it to be full of a yellow powder. Some yellow powder was already leaking around the edges. But instead, it was a sort of jelly like yellow goo, a bit like the stuffing of a custard bao. And it was empirical proof of the doctrine of miraculous multiplication because I sat on a stool and slathered the goo over my feet and it never ran out, and presently I was also covering my hands and arms and the yellow goo was still there.

Not sure what the dream means, but maybe it means that there is no limit to the balm of healing.…