Flight 29

I had an extraordinarily vivid dream about Trisdee. He was about to conduct a huge concert full of bustling media people. We were backstage and he was wearing tails. He was saying to me, "You know, I've opened the door to a lot of gigs like this, but you never seized them." I asked, "Did you compose this?" "No," he said wryly. "It's a bunch of Thai folk tunes and the like." "But you did all the arrangements," I say. "Yeah."

He says, "I have friends downstairs. They're trying to get in. Come down with me." We slip out through a side door and we're in a corridor, then we are in an endless blue metallic stairwell. "Surely" I say, "we need to take the elevator. We are 29 stories up." Suddenly the whole stairwell starts to descend and I realize the stairwell IS the elevator in disguise. 

We find ourselves in a basement kitchen as wide and long as the whole building. People are moving about crazily. Trisdee says. "Oh, I haven't eaten, I need some roast pork." There are hams hanging everywhere but not the pork. He upends some hams looking for the pork. I panic and start to scream, "The conductor needs his roast pork!" and a rotund, old balding man in a tan suit grips my hand, telling me to shut up. I try to tell him Trisdee has to eat, the concert is starting. Nothing comes out. I think, "I should do the whole 'Don't you know who I am?' routine but it won't work here."

Trisdee is stalking around the way he does when he is agitated. He is no longer in tails but in some kind of street clothes. He's in the corridor outside. I'm worried that he will start the concert and be hungry.

"We have to get back," I tell him. "The concert should have started ten minutes ago." I look at my watch. It has a square face, a black leather strap, and Roman numerals.

Suddenly we are in the blue stairwell again. But this time it is not a lift. Trisdee starts running up the stairs. I follow. "I can't do this, I can't run up 29 flights," I say. Trisdee stops for a moment and looks sadly at me. Now he is wearing a white shirt. "I'm through, you know," he says, and I wake up. 

I don't what this dream is trying to tell me, but it is so vivid....