My dream: I remember very little of it but there were two very long adventures with struggling and battles and the second adventure was set in the U.S. wild west.

At the end of this adventure which I have forgotten I ended up in a large, opem air coffee house/restaurant with a wooden roof and woodenncolumns. And I announce, "It's time for me to move on now."

I leave everything behind. I even take off my shoes. I walk out of the restaurant onto a concrete area and then there's a leap I must take and I fall much further than I think, down a jagged cliff side and my feet land on soft grass.

That's what I remember most about this dream, the feel of the grass and the soft, warm earth as I lope away from everything I've ever known toward some other journey and feeling strangely calm about it.

This is either about death or transition, I don't know which.