Riemannian Tigers

I had a dream last night. I was in a scientist's lab being subjected to experiments. It was not a problem; he was a famous scientist and the experiments made me have enhanced abilities.

Presently I was alone in the lab and I went outside the lab which was in a sort of cave. Outside the lab, I stood on a sloping white area that had lines drawn in it, like the curved lines of a map projection (my dream said Mercator's but this is not possible as the space itself, and the lines, were curved like the inside of a bowl. I was outside the real universe standing on a white area that was basically a Riemannian chart, not a reality.

At the entrance of the cave stood a cage like a phone booth with chicken wire and in the booth was a tiger. The door was ajar and I realized that the tiger was about to get out. I knew he would go crazy if he escaped. You see, those lines and the curved bowl I stood on were to indicate that I stood in a different region of spacetime where the laws of the universe were different. The tiger would not understand. He had to be kept in the cage at all costs.

The door was held in place only by two plastic ties, like those hospital wrist IDs or plastic handcuffs, one upper and one lower, It was the lower one that was gnawed loose. To fix it I would have to put my hand inside the cage and pull the plastic strip around two times. It is terrifying because my hand has to brush past the tiger's head. But I do it. The tiger doesn't threaten me, He too is afraid I realize. I tighten the plastic strip and insert it into its lock-mechanism and pull the cage door to.

A voice says, "I am the generation that doesn't dream about science because it has all come true," I reply, "But I do."