A Certain Shade of Blue

This particular shade of blue must mean something important as this is the second dream that has featured it in a couple of days. This time last night it's about a huge sky-blue snake wriggling on the wall to wall gray rug of my L-shaped bedroom.

I jump up and succeed in chopping it in half and both halves slither away. I realize I did not see a head on either half. They're now moving swiftly around the room and I follow into the other side of the L, where there is a bed. Mikey is sitting on the edge of the bed. He asks me what is wrong and I say the snakes, the snakes. One of them wriggles on the bed. We're chopping the pieces up and thrusting the pieces into a metal bowl. I pour acid no them, and then a white powder. As I do this, they go on wriggling, and I still see no head. In my chopping spree I have a vision inside my dream … in an almost identical room in the same house, another me is chasing around an identical snake, except it is pink.

In the next part of the dream, I am part of a team of youthful Nazi hunters that has just come back from a secret Nazi-slaughtering mission. We have returned to the steps of a kind of temple. We are filled with guilt because in getting rid of evil people, we ourselves have committed evil.

We stand in a row and are undergoing a ceremony of atonement. We bow (in a very Japanese way) and a man with very short hair in a black suit (maybe like a Jesuit suit) is pouring water over our heads, water he takes from a huge earthenware vat like a Thai rainwater jar, in a plastic bowl (like Thai people upcountry use to wash themselves from the jar) and all the while he screams invective at us for committing these terrible crimes, and splashes more water over our heads. Further up the steps, a tall, lean man dressed like the one in front is doing the same thing to other young people. This stereophonic shouting resonates as I wake up.

The blue I spoke of was a major color in the last dream I remember, where it was the color of a sort of filing cabinet or cupboard of cubbyholes. I called it Mykonos blue but it's actually a little paler than that, more the color of a brightly lit sky, but it still makes me think of Greece.