Yüddishe Naz

Last night's dream was in some ways a continuation of the previous night's because I'm still, it seems, dogged by Nazis in my dreams.

It starts off with me sitting in the garden of a restaurant at a table under a tree. There is a big silver platter of "weeping tiger" - a northeastern dish of rare grilled beef, delicately flavored coupled with a fiery sauce. I am sitting there with Khun Neng Paradee and we're waiting for someone else to arrive — I am not sure who.

I go to the main road (we are somewhere in the country ... it's all fields, no buildings) to see if our guests have arrived, but when I get back, the table has moved along with the beef to beneath a different tree, with branches that are really in your face. Khun Neng is sitting at her old table.

"Let's wait inside," I tell her, and we go up some wooden steps into the restaurant itself. It's a narrow, long room with a bar on the left. RIght in front of where the bar starts there's a table with noisy women eating a platter of shrimp. The shrimp are on the bar. One woman reaches up for a shrimp and accidentally flings a weird slimy creature in my face - not shrimp.

There is a wall to the right and tables (booths) each wide enough for only one person a side, so they are seated in facing couples.

As we enter, however, the right wall flings away and I hear a chorus of the Horstwessellied - the Nazi Anthem. Suddenly everyone is standing up. I look and there are people seated at desks and a huge whiteboard.

A teacher with a big pointy stick is pointing to each of the notes in succession which are written on the board. It's not just the melody of the Horstwessellied but other nationalistic tunes of many countries.

Above the musical notation there are long bars with annotations written upwards in German script. The annotations aren't in German but in some kind of fake pan-Germanic language. I see for instance:

Dænske Ærm
Beljissche Oeg
Yüddishe Naz

The professor is equating each note of the song with a racial stereotype and a part of the body. It is a hideous quasi-science lecture - a nightmarish conflation of a music lecture with Nazi racial theories. I am so terrified that I wake up.