8 3/4

So I dreamed I was in a bus with Federico Fellini. Well, that is who it claimed to be in my dream, but it actually LOOKED like Marcello Mastroianni.

The bus is winding through the streets (is it Rome?) and Vanessa Redgrave shows up. We're having an interesting talk but it's clear she's really here to see Federico so when he gets off, she starts to as well.

I said, but there's an interesting play on, it's adapted from the first act of a sex comedy film. We should go. She's all "All right," but the play is in London and for some reason the bus is letting us off in front of another theater, in Cambridge. The play is sold out.

Vanessa gets us in by claiming that ticket have been left for us, and we sneak in while the ticket person is looking. A curly haired blond young man is apparently the author. He greets Vanessa with a hug and I am introduced. Laughing, we stand in the back aisle and watch as the curtain rises.