I dreamed I was conducting a rehearsal of HMS Pinafore — I was not the main conductor, just taking a rehearsal. So, the main conductor. a whale of a woman, shows up in a elegant long dress and I believe her to be the late Mary Chafee, conductress of the Bangkok Combined Choir when I was a child.

I'm looking at her across an Olympic sized swimming pool and the male chorus are all standing on another side of the pool, on my right. She begins to conduct the opening chorus: "We sail the ocean blue, and our saucy ship's a beauty."

Outraged, I cry out, "But they're supposed to be swimmimg while they sing this number!" I start demonstrating the crawl, with alternate arm movements every two beats of Sullivan's bum-bum-bum-bum-bum. I'm appalled they didn't realize it's a syncrhonized swimming production of HMS Pinafore....

Something to file away for my future in Regietheater.

Just before I wake up, I find myself explaining in some kind of linguistics lecture: "You see, the reason the French have to prance around and use a lot of sign language is because dents, dans, and dont are near-synonyms." The thiing is, I mean to say homophones, but in my dream I definitely call them synonyms... LOL.