Oingo Boingo

Last night I dreamed that I and a woman (I don't remember who now) were searching for the Buddha. We found him meditating in a forest.

The woman called him by a nickname, which was "Oing". In the dream I kept thinking - in Thai, ng can't come after oi. (There's not even a credible way to spell "Oing" in Thai.)

The Buddha was serene. I knew it was really him because he had a halo. The trees, the forest, everything was pitch-black except for the Buddha's face.

I looked up the word "oing" in the universal dictionary. It has two meanings: in French, "oing" means unction and is a very archaic word from the Latin "unctum". In Irish, it can be either the vocative or genitive of "ong", meaning sorrow.

Two oings, therefore, bilingually, would mean "unction of sorrow" — or "O unction sorrow".

The dream is telling me that my sorrow is also that which anoints me. And in my dream it is a secret name of the Buddha. Meaning that I must accept this sorrow as a sacrament to attain serenity. The unction of sorrow is the pathway to light.

A simple dream leading me to find answers in a dictionary, but I suspect that really is what it means.