Dreams reach out

18 months ago, I had this dream.

Since that dream, my personal and business and generally everything to do with my external life has got steadily worse, Not my interior life, though — my composing and my writing. There have been quite few breakthroughs there. Indeed the more I suffered, the more my creative work seemed to benefit.

This weekend I was so depressed because it seemed that my many problems had no possible solution at all.

I happened to post on facebook a photograph of my Ganesha, the 15th century statue from India. I made a flippant remark about whether I believe or am I just hedging my bets.

Ten minutes later, an anonymous donor contacted me with an offer to give money to the DasJati project. Just enough to make the difference between annihilation and survival.

Now, when I had this dream, I believed I had to recreate the scene in my dream — that this was a demand from Ganesha in some way (or from the collective unconscious or from whatever system of symbols you care to use.) But I have not yet done so.

Maybe, just maybe, today's events are a kind of trickster-god type teaser. So I better do that ceremony.

Just to be on the safe side. Not that I'm superstitious. But I AM a Thai. Superstition is kind of in the DNA....