Guys and Dolls

I had a dream last night. I don't appear to have been a character in the dream, I seem to just have been watching.

First I see a doll, a girl doll. made with the special ability of being able to locate objects by echo. This doll utters strange sequences of syllables, trying to find a mate by listening to the echo. She is pursuing a boy doll. They are in a house. She beams her echo and walks around the empty corridors. The boy doll disappears behind a bead curtain. The girl doll follows the echo. Behind the bead curtain there's emptiness and darkness and the dolls fall, fall, fall.

They find themselves in a children's room. The girl doll follows the boy doll. There is a bed in the room but they lie down on the floor next to a wooden dresser. The girl doll pours gasoline on them both and set themselves on fire. (They're toys, not humans, so they don't appear to be in pain.)

My omniscient vision pulls back and there's a teenage couple on the bed. The room belongs to one of them, but they are too old for toys. They have each other now. But as the toys are burning, the boy teenager looks at the burning girl doll and says, "When did you learn to play with gasoline?"

That's when I woke up. I don't know how to explain this rather disturbing dream.