Trafficked to Turkey

I had remarkable bad dream in which I was in my mid to late teens and I had been captured and I was in a group of five people being trafficked to a strange country which seemed to be part European, part Asian - perhaps Turkey.

They keep us chained up and we have to sleep outside and one day they sit us around a table and explain to us the things we are going to have to do now as their slaves. The boy seated to my right has long black hair and he says no, no, that doesn't apply to me, right, I am only here to observe. They beat him up.

Later I manage to lead the group out of the house where we are locked up. There is a back alley that runs alongside a hilly in a park and suddenly we are in a large room where Queen Elizabeth, in a state visit, is sitting no an open air throne with hundreds of uniformed people, high society people or diplomats, seated facing her.

In out rags and chains we run up the aisle and kneel to the queen and I say "Help us, we've been brought here from overseas and kept in chains and made to perform unspeakable things."

"Eaugh! How very interesting," the queen says. Suddenly I wake up and I'm still in a dream. I'm at a science fiction convention. And I'm talking about the dream I just had....